Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sharing the Load

Before we had children, in those days of two full time workers (and two incomes!) Matt and I had a pretty fair division of labour around the house. We'd both do laundry as it needed to be done, Matt would do the floors, I'd do the bathroom and toilet etc etc. Our one golden rule was "Whoever cooks dinner doesn't do dishes" and we'd both do grocery shopping, and whoever felt like it would cook and the other would do the kitchen afterwards.

Once Elliot came along and I was no longer working, it just made sense for me to do all the meals. I was home, Matt was working long hours and we needed to eat as soon as he arrived home so that we could all have dinner as a family. I love cooking so it was in no way an inconvenience and over the past three or so years that is the way we've travelled.

Every now and then Matt would come home from work and ask me if he wanted to do dinner. I'd say "No, it's ok, everything's underway, you spend some time with the boys". I mostly find dinner preparation a good break from the boys too because Matt now gets home in enough time to play with them while I can work in the kitchen uninterrupted.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was incredibly stressed about our Brisbane house and had been on the phone all day Matt came home and offered to get dinner on. I gladly took him up on his offer and spent the afternoon playing with the boys and relaxing. Not only was it a great break of routine for me but Matt loved it! I regularly heard from the kitchen "I've really missed this!" while he was dicing and slicing and sauteing and stirring!

So now, when we sit down to plan our week's menu Matt is choosing one or two dinners that he will cook! Yippee! It's a win-win for everyone, he gets to spend some more time in the kitchen and I get to have a break from the kitchen! The only downside is that I'll have to do the dishes more often. :(

I'll post next to the meal in my menu plan in the sidebar which meals Matt has planned. This week it'll be roast lamb tonight and then savoury mince later in the week.


  1. That is so wonderful. The only meals my hubby can good are BBQ and takeaway!!!

  2. Matt is pretty good! He's adapted a mean chilli con carne from my dad so I'm sure that will be high on his rotation! BBQ's definitely have their place! xx

  3. My husband and I used to share cooking pretty evenly, too, but when the small came along, I discovered that after a full day of parenting, cooking was a very welcome break while he looked after the bath and general before dinner silliness (he's very good at that!). Things might change again when the next one arrives in October, but flexibility is essential in the world I live in!

  4. Great idea Vic! Now just to convince Rob :)Bec

  5. Lucky you! Brad might cook a meal on the weekend but generally I give him the ideas and ingredients and then he gets to work. He finds it a little overwhelming to look in the fridge and come up with a meal, so I usually give hi ma few suggestions to choose from. Enjoy your meals cooked with love! xo m.

  6. Thanks everyone! Matt's first meal was a success, a wonderful roast! I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming meals! Vic xx