Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boy, It's a Responsibility!

 Elliot's morning job list. Archie also gets in and gets his jobs done too!

As the Mum of boys, I have an awareness of my responsibility to raise them to be good men. Men that treat women well, men that will make good partners and husbands, men that pull their weight around the house. While that is all years and years away I strongly believe in planting the seeds of this responsibility early. Children are much more capable than many people give them credit for. If you scaffold and guide them, if you make it possible for them to succeed then they will generally rise to the challenge.

 El's self-made bed, complete with pj's under his pillow and baby asleep and tucked in.

A few months before Kindy was due to start this year I started to talk to Elliot about jobs that he needed to do in the mornings to get ready to go out. Together we came up with a list. At first he needed help with everything on the list. Luckily for me he's a lover of a routine so it took him oh, about a day to remember everything on the list! Over time the list has been added to, amended and changed to suit our changing circumstances. Elliot has also changed in that he now completes the list independently (apart from cleaning his teeth, I have a turn after he's had a turn). He even makes his bed and Archie's bed, usually as part of a surprise for me which also involves choosing clothes and getting himself dressed.

Archie's bed after Elliot has made it. Sideways quilt, rumpled blankets and all!

Sure, he often has his clothes inside out, back to front or completely mismatching. The beds are always rumpled and lumpy but I wouldn't have it any other way. He's showing me he's capable and responsible. He's proud of his success in doing these 'grown up' tasks.


  1. Dear wee man, what a treasure he is. Wish I'd had someone like that when mine were little!! You're doing a great job.

  2. I'm really very impressed by this. Firstly that you are thinking about raising good men (yay!) and secondly that you've persisted in handing the responsibility over to your little guy. I could try a bit more of that (rather than taking the 'it's easier/faster/less contentious to do it myself' line). Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Everything about this is made of awesome!

  4. That's impressive. North doesn't have a lot of patience for these things, but I hope he will soon. xom .