Monday, August 2, 2010

I've Fallen Off The Wagon!

Big Time!!!

With the move looming (settlement is this Friday, movers are coming the following Monday) our usual routine has completely gone out the window.

Instead of cooking from scratch, baking, menu-planning and thoughtful shopping we've been buying more ready made food (pasta, bread, etc), eating up what's in the freezer and open in the pantry. Our 20kg bag of wholemeal flour has just run out, but I'm not going to order another until we get into the new house. I've not made bread for about a week and Matt has had to do several trips to the bakery to get more.

The boys and I haven't been doing many fun activities lately. We've all had a bit of a flu and have just been trying to survive the day and get things packed! Craft activities seem like a thing of the past! Poor El keeps asking and I keep saying "When we get to the new house!"

After a few days of rain the washing basket was "turning into a mountain" according to Elliot. I kept putting it off thinking that the sun would come out tomorrow but by this stage we had no clean clothes so I thought I'd better get some washing on. Our clothes airer can hold one load of washing so not very convenient, and while I was hanging said washing, Archie pulled on the airer and broke it! So I had to resort to the drier! Luckily the sun came out the next day and I did 3 loads one day and 2 loads the next. We're finally up to date in that the washing is clean, but our three-seater lounge is now the 'folding up zone' and the boys have been given fair warning that if they touch that lounge there'll be trouble!!!

We've been using more disposable nappies due to the above washing situation and that I don't want to be doing any more washing than I absolutely have to. Sigh, a poor excuse I know, but I just can't do it at the moment.

It's our bin day today and the entire bin was full! Moving is a great excuse for a clean out, but it also fills the bin! We've got a bootload of stuff to donate to charity, plus another pile of things that I'm going to sell to get a bit of extra cash.

I completely forgot about my monthly bookclub meeting last week! I hadn't read the book, so even if I had remembered I wouldn't have added much to the conversation, but it wasn't until I saw the organising librarian a few days later that I remembered! Oops!

So that is where we are at this week. Trying to keep our heads above water while balancing a lingering flu, Matt working a ridiculous amount, packing, keeping the boys sane (and me too I suppose!).

Luckily Matt is bringing Mum back up with him after his day trip to Brisbane tomorrow so I'll have company as I slowly go insane ... HA! Seriously though, I just can't wait to get into the new house, get back into the kitchen, get started in the garden and get back on track!

I'll post again once we're in!

Vic xx


  1. I think you can be forgiven Vic. Moving is hard, especially with two young kids AND being sick. Hope you all feel better soon and you once you move into the new house, I am sure you will be back to your old routine in no time.

  2. you have a major right to "fall off the wagon"!! hope the move is going smoothly for you- such a process! good luck and thinking of you!!! xo m.

  3. Next thing I know you'll be eating every meal at Maccas and buying a Hummer.......heehee!

    Have a better week and have a nice, easy, uncomplicated move. If there's such a thing.

    PS When you're ready to order that flour i'll jump in too! They didn't have enough for me last week, we'll be eating racist bread by next week :P

  4. Kelly I was going to give them a ring this week about flour, it can sometimes take a couple of months to get a 20kg bag, it depends when they're doing an order! EEK! Should have ordered it a while ago. How much do you want? Do you want me to order it for you when I ring?

  5. Enjoy the weekend Vic. Happy moving. :D

  6. So normal, my dear girl!! All the little changes are survival tools to tie you over... and yes, normality is bliss! :) You're nearly there now. I will absolutely be bringing you a meal next week (once I am germ free..) Can't wait for that cuppa on your new verandah! xxxx

  7. Min you are welcome anytime! After Wednesday would be better though cause Mum and Dad are leaving then and we'll be crazy unpacking while they're up. Elliot has requested they come to music on Tuesday though so we'll have a morning off then! Hope you're feeling better soon! xx