Friday, January 21, 2011

My Safe Little World

This Friday marks the end of my safe little world of having my boys home with me. Next week Elliot enters the big wide world of Kindy. Here in Queensland, that is the year before full-time school. A part-time, non-compulsory year at a private or community Kindy.

He will be doing a five day fortnight from 9 - 2:30. This is his first time away from me without being in the care of a close family member or friend and I'm a little nervous. I'm not nervous about the care he will receive while at Kindy. His teacher is amazing, her ideals are very much in line with mine when it comes to Early Childhood Education, she runs a fully play-based curriculum, completely child-led and child-centred. She is passionate and dedicated and just a warm, caring personality.

I'm nervous for all the things he'll be exposed to that will be out of my control. Things the other kids will say, things the other kids will do. I'm nervous about him needing me and me not being there. I'm nervous about his sweet little innocent personality being walked over by more dominant children. I'm nervous about other people not getting his funny little quirks that are just par for the course around our house.

Despite my well-hidden reservations, he is so excited. I know he'll relish the routine of Kindy, he's already practiced packing his bag and he's picked out his clothes for his first day. He's practiced telling his teacher that "I have special suncream in my bag that is just for me because the other suncream might make my face go funny" (he's allergic to regular suncream and his face comes out in hives!)

So Monday is going to be a big day in our house. I'm hoping I'll be brave, but I can't promise anything!


  1. Hey ya Mrs Vic, So many worries and hopes but yet how excited is Master E! Packing his bag and practicing what to say :) Such a beautiful bittersweet time for you. Because of your strong family love, all complications will be surpassed by it. Your Kindy choice sounds magic! JM xo Good Luck Monday my dear Mummy Girlie and I hope for no tears and all joy for you!

  2. We can be brave together my friend. :) It's sure hard letting go, isn't it?! xx

  3. Hi Mrs Vicki, I like to visit your little patch so much (especially your recipes :D) that I wanted to pass on to you the 'Stylish Blogger Award'. JM xo