Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Survived!

First day of Kindy done! No tears shed by either of us (I'm so glad I didn't make a scene!) and while the day was not 'wave goodbye to Mummy at the door, come at pick me up later' it was not as terrible as I was expecting.

All Elliot wanted to do was explore the fort and outdoor play area and then get stuck into the collage table. He wasn't such a fan of mat time and just wanted me to sit with him. He also sat as close to the edge of the mat as possible! He was hesitant about joining in, but once Mummy was a flippy floppy scarecrow he was fine! Archie and I left during Morning Tea time and came back about an hour or so later to see him playing on the fort (yet again!) with a couple of other little guys, chatting away, so that was heartwarming.

 Another half-day today and then a few days off until proper hours start next week.


  1. He looks so gorgeous! Glad you could both be brave. ;) xx

  2. aah yes... the flippy floppy scarecrow would definitely do it ;) I'm really glad for you guys that it all went so well and the center sounds so gentle too. Beautiful little boy Vic!

  3. Oh that sounds wonderful. Evie and Jett start tomorrow. Hoping they can be patient with my little highly senistive anxious girl. I am pretty nervous!