Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Creative Space

I've not sewn or created anything crafty since finished Mia's apron. In fact, the other apron gift for our little friend is still sitting in the sewing room on the dining table along with a half packed up sewing machine. Life seems to have gotten in the way at the moment. I'm involved in starting up a Transition Town in our town (more info to come) and the kindy committee meetings have begun and the boys just seem to be going through a phase of being more demanding of my time.

Anway, it's a bit of a stretch but I still wanted to participate in My Creative Space this week so we've been creating a new flavour (for us) of ice cream .... HONEY!

This little man was so excited to make some ice cream!!!

Look at this amazingly thick cream! When I went to the dairy I spoke to the lady who makes the butter and cream and she said the thick cream (instead of the thin I usually get) makes much better ice cream and she is soooooo right!

When we went to the dairy to get milk yesterday Archie announced from the back seat that he'd like to make ice cream. Alas we don't have any vanilla so I bought some cream and tried to come up with something different to do, we're out of peppermint essence too so choc-mint was off the list. Then it hit me - honey!

I just omitted the sugar and vanilla and added 1/2 cup of honey. I used Iron Bark honey, it is really strongly flavoured so I thought it would go well with the richness of the cream but I think it's too much. Matt (not at all and ice cream person, odd man that he is) and the boys really liked it though. Plus I just wanted to use up a good chunk of the Iron Bark cause it is way too strong for me, I prefer a Macadamia or Brushbox but anyway, that is another post!

So the recipe looked like this:

Honey Ice Cream

1.5 cups milk
3 cups cream
1/2 cup honey

Warm the honey slightly to make it easier to mix with other ingredients
Mix together all ingredients and churn 25 - 30 minutes or until frozen like soft serve
Transfer to container and freeze until hard

Of course two boys wanted to help do the dishes!


  1. Vicki,
    I found this blog and thought of you and Freida! All just for boys... We will have to catch up soon. I have been busy with my mother in laws machine lately so we'll have to compare notes. From, Wendy

  2. Sounds lovely Wendy! We must catch up soon! Vic xx

  3. YUM! Sounds like a great activity too.

  4. A great creative space Vic. I've never made homemade icecream before, yours sounds and looks really yummy. How cool to go and get cream and milk straight from the dairy, you're so lucky. xo