Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cows ahead!!!

One of the first things that made me feel really 'comfy' after our move was finding a wonderful family owned and run dairy just outside of town. And really, it's not that far out of town. Less than 10 minutes drive and we can have farm fresh milk, cream and butter. I was so surprised to find a local dairy as the country around here is all about the sugar cane. We get cane trains rattling up and down the streets during harvesting season, kids look out windows and see cane harvesters driving down the roads. It's not known to be good dairy country here, but the dairy is nestled along the scenic Mary River surrounded by cane farms. They sell this particular brand of milk in a few of the smaller shops in town but it is much cheaper and a lot more fun to go for a drive out to the dairy once a week and stock up on really yummy milk. In terms of the almighty dollar, the milk we get from the dairy costs a little more than regular supermarket milk, but I'd rather pay a bit more to farmers within the local area than buy cheap, mass produced milk from who-knows-where. I know that this is a small operation, the cows are well looked after and the people running the show are honest and hard-working.

If you drive out to the dairy you buy the milk with the good old honesty system. A large cold room is left unlocked with a little container that you put your money in. We can get fresh milk any time we need, which is especially handy after returning home on Sunday night after a weekend away visiting family! More often than not there is no one there when we go, but once I've run into the lady that runs the dairy. She is absolutely lovely and we had a good old chat about the boys, her grandkids and family, who helps out around the place, all the important things. It really is such a family affair!

A sign warning drivers to watch out for cows! The dairy grazes the cows on both sides of the road so the cows regularly cross to get to greener pastures!

We choose to get the non-homogenised type so it's had a lot less 'fiddling' than normal supermarket milk and it is so much nicer. Really creamy and it tastes like real milk. It's nice too to see the change in the milk depending on the season and what they are eating. As it is illegal to sell raw milk in Australia it has been pasteurised, but it is the closest we'll get to real milk, unless we get a cow. But that is a whole other post! ;) We also get their cream, which comes in 1litre bottles for only $2, bargain! It makes the yummiest home-made ice cream. I have to limit our ice cream making to 2 litres a week though. Actually, I shouldn't say 'our'. I should say I have to limity 'my' ice cream intake to 2 litres a week. I may be slightly addicted to home-made ice cream! I haven't made butter yet, but it's on my list of things to do.

Some of the lovely cows that give us their milk. It is very much appreciated ladies!

I love knowing where our food has come from. I love that Elliot and Archie can get out of the car and say hello to the cows that give us their milk. I love that we're directly supporting a small, family, local business. I love that we're cutting our food miles and having fun doing it!


  1. Okay, seriously Vicki, I've been here 8 1/2 years and didn't know about that dairy!!!! :( Please email me and tell me where to find it! We'll definitely be going!

  2. It's just at Tinana, but I'll Facebook you the details. It's fabulous! xx

  3. Argh, stop it, I want to be back RIGHT NOW!

  4. It's heading into winter - those cows must be fresian!

  5. Oh Kelly, I'm sure you'll be back soon. The ads for your place look great!

    Helen, where do you get it from?