Friday, May 28, 2010

Star Fleet's Newest Cadet

or, as I was going to title this post "Resistance is Futile".

But that was quickly shut down by the resident Star Trek expert because "Resistance is Futile" is the catchphrase of the Borg and this post is about Vulcans. Sigh. So I caved in and re-titled the post even though mine is much more witty and appropriate.

El loves dress-ups at the moment. Most of the time it's just an old hard hat, a pair of op-shopped sunglasses and a pair of my old shoes. Sometimes its a full-on bought outfit like Superman.

Today it was a Vulcan.

Elliot sporting the ever trendy Vulcan ears and Science Officer Uniform

For a bit of background, Matt is a teensy bit of a Star Trek fan. When we first started going out his favourite shirt was one of Captain Kirk saying "Go ahead, make my Millenium". We have Star Trek Monopoly (not allowed to be played mind you). We have every episode of Star Trek EVER on DVD, not just regular DVD either. Special edition fancy boxed sets DVD. So you get my drift. Teensy.

Now normally I don't encourage this lunacy, however a while ago at the shops I spotted a Star Trek character (Spock) dress up complete with phaser and pointy ears. I couldn't help but buy it for Elliot but it was way too big so it's been hiding in the cupboard. Until the biggest child in the house saw it today and asked Elliot if he'd like to put it on. He was almost more excited than Christmas. Elliot was pretty excited too! Ha ha!

Matt and his geek apprentice

It was too big, the pants were literally up to his armpits, but he had a wow of a time dashing around the house with pointy ears and a noisy phaser. Thank goodness Matt didn't try and teach him the whole "Live long and prosper" Vulcan hand gesture thingy.


Too much Star Trek in this house.

Resistance IS futile.


  1. It was only a matter of time really wasn't it!? Where's Matt's outfit? Don't pretend he doesn't have one too!

  2. Matt just told me that he reckons you could be a closet Trekker, so where's your costume? Hey? ;)

  3. I love those ears! My boy would go crazy!

  4. I tuned in once to get Dr Spock's tips on child rearing and I've got to say, he was pretty useless in that regard.

  5. Thanks Sherri, he did go a bit crazy!

    Yeah I'm not sure Vulcan's make the best parents Helen, too logical, not enough heart. ;)