Monday, May 24, 2010

Planning the week

One of my favourite 'jobs' for the week is planning our menu. I sit down with a couple of cook books (I try to alternate) and my notebook and pen. I generally plan the week on Sunday evening when we're having dinner, or if I'm not so organised, on Monday morning over breakfast. Everyone gets to choose a meal or two (Elliot always suggests sausages or pizza), I choose a couple of things from the books, plus a few things from our regular list that I know the boys will eat. Luckily for me both the boys are big vegetable eaters but this means that we can't have too many meals where the vegies are hidden ie pasta sauce, quiche, soup etc. We've even had a few tantrums and tears because Elliot couldn't see his vegies! Because of this I normally do a few steamed veg to have on the side, just to keep the peace!

I write everything down in a notebook that I then take to the shops. We also have a blackboard in the kitchen that I write the menu on for the week. On the left-hand side of the page I list the days and what meal we'll have, on the right-hand side is the shopping list taking into account what we'll need for all the different meals and general grocery items. I also have an 'extras' section for all the baking, and extra things that need to be done, ice cream, stock, any cheese or yoghurt etc. Below the general grocery list I have two other sections, one for what we'll get from the dairy and one for the butcher. I normally get enough fruit and veg to tide us over until we go to the town markets on Thursday morning.

Elliot helping with the shopping. He loves to hold the list, count out what we need, choose the fruit and veg, help push trolley and pack the bags when we're finished. He's a great helper!

I absolutely feel lost without my menu plan, I get to 4 o'clock and freak out cause there is nothing out for dinner. I also wander aimlessly around the grocery and get a thousand things we don't need and forget the important things like cheese and chocolate!


  1. You're an organised girl Vicki!! :D
    I know what you mean though, about walking aimlessly around the grocery store and buying things you don't need, I do that too when I go unprepared! How wonderful that Elliot loves to help already - and loves his veg! :) Will has just begun to love broccoli.... that sure makes me a happy Mama. :) xo See you tomorrow?

  2. He does love his veg, and broccoli is a big favourite here too, although El's going through a stage of only eating the broccoli leaves! Good on Will, broccoli is so good! We're planning on going to Music this morning, see you there! xx

  3. I completely get what you mean about the wandering around the supermarket aimlessly!!

    I'm compiling a list of blogs that have a regular menu plan in their sidebar (for my own inspiration, as much as anything!), so I'll add you if that's OK!!