Sunday, May 16, 2010

A very quiet weekend ...

This has been the quietest weekend we've had for a long time. Absolutely nothing got done!

After an emotional and lonely day Friday I really needed some down time this weekend. Matt has spent most of the weekend playing with the boys in our newly decluttered rumpus room downstairs so I've had a lot of time to myself! Something which has happened so rarely since Archie's birth that I can probably count on one hand the kid-free time I've had in 14 months.

Yesterday I did nothing, had a shower and got dressed, but that was the extent of it! I read some of my book (fabulous by the way) watched some DVD's (Season 1 of House) and that was it. Oh, actually that's not entirely true. I had to pop out to the grocery and on the way home I decided to stop in at an Antiques shop that I always drive past and want to stop at but the thought of going into a cluttered shop full of breakables with the boys always scares me into driving past without stopping! So yesterday I was by myself and decided to stop! I was actually looking for a wooden trunk to store all our shoes in by the front door but came out with something a lot cheaper and completely useless apart from looking pretty! Once I get them up I'll post about it and put up some pics.

Today was a little more exciting, more book and House, but I also made the boys surprise pikelets for morning tea. They came upstairs to the smell of pikelets cooking and were so excited. I think the biggest boy was more excited than the two children ;). After lunch Matt took Elliot for a big walk while Archie was asleep so more book time, and I folded some of the mountain of washing! It never ends but that is another story! Matt wanted to get the mowing done so while he was doing that Elliot and I made a couple of banana loaves, one to eat this week and the other to go in the freezer sliced up ready to pack for Matt's lunches and our morning teas out and about next week.

And that has been the extent of our weekend. A quiet, boring, lovely weekend with absolutely nothing done, no jobs crossed off lists, no outings. But we did spend lots of time together, the boys spent lots of time playing with Daddy and I got some much needed time out. I'm feeling refreshed and recharged, ready to get into the week ahead full of enthusiasm and energy.

Let's hope the feeling lasts!


  1. Oh Vicki, I hear you! Time out is a big longing for me too. We've made it a bit of a tradition now that Stu takes the children on some sort of outing every weekend... even if it's only an hour popping out to Prep or the shops. It's amazing how much better I feel, even with just a little break from the neediness and the constant chatter!!! Sorry to hear you had a sad day on Friday. I was having one too, that's why we had our 'beach escape'. :) We should have got together; a bit of company is nice during the week isn't it?!
    You're blessed to have a downstairs rumpus room, that sounds wonderful. :) Glad you got lots of time out this weekend, hope you have a great week ahead. It would be nice to see you sometime soon. xoxo

  2. I think we're going to start something like that too Saminda. After so long with pretty much no down time I've realised that I need it, even just an hour or two of the place to myself and silence! I'll PM you on Facebook about catching up! xx