Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Craft

Elliot loves craft, especially cutting. And glitter. Really, what almost-3-year-old boy doesn't love glitter? ;)

I organised a craft activity for Playgroup on Tuesday, but Elliot really wasn't too interested in doing it when we were there. He did it, but I kept prompting him, glue here, stick that there etc etc. Not the sort of craft I'm a fan of. I much prefer to supply the tools and then let the child create whatever they create.

I took home an extra set of supplies as I knew he'd be much more interested in doing it if there weren't heaps of other people around. He is much more of a one-on-one person than a group person.

So this afternoon after our weekly trip to the markets and after he'd had a really big sleep we got stuck in. He cut and cut and cut and cut and was the happiest boy in the world! He's now created two lovely Mother's Day presents, one for me (it's going to be a big surprise on Sunday) and one for Nanna. They look similar, but the one done at home is much more 'Elliot'.

Here are some photos of the man in action, but I have tried to not show too much of the finished product as Nanna may read this post and we don't want to give it away!

Once Sunday is done and dusted I'll post some pics of the completed project. It should come in very handy!


  1. Sounds interesting Vicki! He does look happy, sitting and cutting there. I too prefer open-ended craft! Our 'useful box' gets used every single day of the year. :)

    So nice to spend time with you and your boys today- looking forward to seeing you again soon! xo

  2. Thanks Saminda, it was lovely to see you and yours too! Elijah was beautiful letting Elliot ride his bike all over the park!

    Oh my goodness, he'd be the happiest boy in the world if I just gave him scissors and a piece of paper!