Thursday, November 17, 2011

A New Experience

Baby Oliver is now 5 1/2 months. Oh, where does the time go? He is rolling like a fiend and doing all that pre-crawling stuff, getting up on his hands and knees, working his arms and legs but only going backwards! Adorable!

He's also started to show signs that he's ready to move from a diet of purely breastmilk to introducing solids. His head control is great, he's almost sitting independently and he's showing so much interest in our food and drink that it's hard to keep him from grabbing whatever is on my fork!

So now we're entering the world of solids! We're going to go down the road of baby-led solids, not bothering with purees and mash just giving him little tastes of the family food and some specifically steamed fingers of vegies. We'll still offer cereal (starting with iron-fortified organic rice cereal) for breakfast, just because I think cereal and a healthy breakfast is a good habit to get into early.

Baby-led solids has so many benefits but oh so much mess!


  1. What a happy little boy:) He has grown so much Vic. I've heard of this way of introducing solids it sounds so much easier than all of that pureeing. It looks like he's enjoying his new solids:) x

  2. Yes Catherine, it is so much easier. The cleanup, not easier though! xx