Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fortnightly Menu Planning

After a weekend away at my parent's for my brother's birthday I was feeling very uninspired when it came to planning our dinners for the coming fortnight. After a status update on Facebook and some trawling through websites and recipe books I finally came up with a varied and hopefully balanced plan.

So it looks like this:

Monday - sweet potato, lentil and silverbeet curry (from freezer) with brown rice and steamed veg
Tuesday - Matt's specialty savoury mince with steamed veg
Wednesday - Roast beef (slow cooker) with roasted potato and pumpkin, steamed veg
Thursday - Silverbeet and ricotta frittata
Friday - Italian lentils (slow cooker) with cous cous and steamed veg
Saturday - BBQ (Matt)
Sunday - Jamie Oliver's meatloaf with mashed potato and steamed veg (Ministry of Food p161)
Monday - Chicken and pesto pasta
Tuesday - Pumpkin soup with homemade bread rolls
Wednesday - Chilli con carne (Matt) once boys are asleep!
Thursday - Homemade fish and chips
Friday - Wonton soup


  1. YUM! You have some great choices there!

  2. Sounds like a great menu! And it also sounds like you're embracing your new life with gusto! I love the idea of using spare grocery money to buy fruit trees - I just wish we had the space for an orchard :-)

  3. Thanks guys! Yes Anna, I'm planning on attacking the gardens (and Bunnings) with gusto! Another fruit tree and lots of herbs to go in this weekend! Vic xx