Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Popping In ...

... amid the gazillion trips to Brisbane to look for a new house (no easy task after living in this beautiful home!) to remind you to head over to KK's to check out the second instalment of Real Mummas on Mondays. It's fair to say that this week's question had us all fairly stumped so I can't wait to read the other Mumma's responses!

Much love to you all, hopefully I'll have some clearer headspace soon to get back to regular posting.

Vic xx


  1. xox
    Thinking of you, travel safe on the highway.

  2. Phew looking for a house and you still have time to be a "Real Mumma" That's dedication!
    I hope you find a new home that you love soon, thinking of you xx

  3. In relation to your KK post Vicki, maybe you should have spent your time encouraging Barrack to have a little emergency toilet installed in all lifts, alongside the little emergency help button. Just an idea. It's always the first thing I think when watching a TV show where people are stuck somewhere - "What about when they need to pee?!"

  4. If you are into small family farming have you checked out Chandler? It is a bit remote, off the main roads and a minimal bus service if I remember rightly. But still close enough to town to go to the "big" shops.

    I am jealous. I am stuck in NSW, wishing to be "home" in Brisbane.

    Best wishes