Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm a bit late with my post today, I had a killer (I'm assuming) migraine this morning. Awful headache and very nauseous. Thankfully the boys both had a sleep today (a rarity in this house) so I had a rest on the lounge with my book and am feeling much better, still a bit of a lingering headache though!

Well the slippers are all done and will be in the post tomorrow so now I'm onto my next project!

I'm working on a short sleeve cardigan type thing for myself! I've never knitted anything for myself before so this is very exciting! Archie's Baptism is coming up in a month or so and the dress I've chosen to wear is a bit, how should I say it, revealing in the boob department! It also shows off a fair bit of upper arm and they're not in the best shape. :)

It is by far the biggest project I've undertaken so there is a very real possibility it won't be ready in time for the Baptism. The bottom section is double moss stitch and the top and sleeves are in an eyelet stitch so it's not overly difficult, just the time consumingness of knitting! I'm doing it in black and the buttons are round, white and mother-of-pearly.

If it's not ready I just suppose I'll have to be all boobie and flabby armie!

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  1. I hope your head is feeling better now, migraines are really draining, horrible things.

    That sounds like it's going to look really pretty in the colours you've chosen and I love moss stitch it's a favourite of mine. I hope you get it all finished in time for the baptism.xo

  2. Oh that jacket top will look terrific! You must show it off when you are finished it. Good luck in getting it done on time. I'm sure you will!

  3. I think your jacket will look beautiful in black with mother of pearl buttons! Hope you get it done in time :)