Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Recipe!

I'm sure by now you are all aware of my love of menu planning  but I've decided to mix things up a bit. For one dinner a week I'm going to randomly choose a cookbook and then randomly choose a recipe from that book. Matt, in his infinite numerical/computing wisdom has informed me that just 'randomly choosing' a book and then 'randomly choosing' a recipe is not in fact random. His suggestion was to assign each book a number and then use a random number generator to pick a number, then do it again for the page numbers. Sounds like a bit much for me so I just closed my eyes and ran my hands along the shelves! He did 'pick a page number' for the actual recipe though, so that bit was random.

This week the random recipe is Pasta Primavera from Rose Elliot's The Classic Vegetarian. It's not really my favourite cook book, focusing too much on only a few different types of dishes that I'm not really interested in cooking, roulades for instance. Who makes roulades? And savoury ones at that? Anyway, I don't think I've ever actually cooked anything from it so Saturday will be a first.

Am I dicing with disaster? Maybe. But I'm hoping it will add a bit of zing to our weekly meals which have become a well-known round about.


  1. I love this random idea... But what if it was a roulade!!??? Whould you have picked again?

  2. Maybe, but then that would be cheating! I suppose I'd suck it up and give it a go!

  3. Very excellent idea!! I might need to incorporate this into my system once things become a little more predictable around here. I generally try to include at least one new recipe each week, but picking one randomly sounds potentially rather fun!!