Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Meal Plan and Random Recipe Review

Last week our Random Recipe was Maggie Beer's Lamb, Barley and Cinnamon Casserole from her wonderful book Maggie's Harvest. I absolutely love this book, I've read it cover to cover several times since I got it for Christmas last year from Matt and the boys. The cover is a beautiful fabric with embroidery and it is full of wonderful photography and sentimental stories of Maggie's journey in food. Oh, and heaps of gorgeous, seasonal recipes.

While I randomly chose from the 'Spring' section, the dish was really a very wintery one, but still very yummy. It was a bit of an all day affair because I made the chicken stock in the morning and as the casserole took 4 hours in the oven, it had to be in by 1:30 so we could eat at our regular nanna hour for the boys. The lamb and pork was deliciously melt in the mouth and the barley had soaked up all the juices and it was very much like a risotto. I was just about to type out the recipe but in the book Maggie mentioned she made it one the TV show, and all their recipes are on the web, so here is the recipe and a pic, a much better pic than I could have taken!

A short week this week:

Bean Burritos

Peppered porterhouse steak with mashed sweet potato and steamed veg

Steamed fish with brown rice and steamed veg

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  1. Can't wait for Thursday night when it shall be MY job to cook something tempting! Roast lamb anyone?? I wonder if we'll have a discussion about meals with pad and pencil in hand? I know I tease but it is quite endearing how much thought goes into cooking for your wee brood (from you, not me). Love that you enjoy it all so much :). Lynne