Monday, November 8, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

We're back again from a long weekend away and we planned our week's meals last night over dinner. I realised last night that since our move Matt's dinners have become somewhat non-existent, so he is cooking two meals this week.

The Random Recipe this week is from Darina Allen's Irish Traditional Cooking, another one of my many cookbooks I've never actually cooked from! The recipe that I'll be cooking is Pot Roasted Beef (p 107) so nothing overly new or exciting but we haven't had a roast for a while so carnivores Matt and Archie will be pleased! I've also planned to use some of the leftovers in a risotto for another dinner and also for sandwiches for Matt's lunches.

So this week the plan is:

Curried sausages with brown rice and steamed veg (Matt)

veg and rice noodle stir fry with boiled eggs

pot roasted beef with roasted root veg and steamed veg (Random Recipe Darina Allen's Irish Traditional Cooking p107)

pasta primavera

risotto (with left over pot roast)

BBQ (Matt)

No idea, we'll see how the day takes us

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  1. You're so lucky to have a Mat that enjoys cooking :) My Matty not so much but that's okay. The last time he really cooked it was spaghetti bog with every type of sauce and possible ingredient from the fridge and burnt mince! When he gets home now, I'm pretty happy if he chills with our boys particularly if he's heading out to martial arts for the evening - he's gone about two to three hours :O! I really like you Monday Menu Vic, it's a great organizing idea :) (might borrow it!)