Friday, November 26, 2010

Pineapple and Cherry Upside Down Cake

Made by Elliot. Inspired by Playschool

This was Elliot's idea so I just provided the ingredients and he led the way after watching them make this cake on an episode of Playschool.

This is one of his favourite episodes so Elliot has dictated the recipe for you, I've just typed his words.

1. Put brown sugar and melted butter in the cake tin. Then the pineapple and cherries. Make it look pretty with the cherries in the middle of the pineapple circles.
2. Get Mummy's big mixer and mix normal sugar and butter for ages and ages. Put the eggs in (but not the shells) and mix for ages longer.
3. Put in a bit of flour and a bit of milk and a bit of flour and a bit of milk and then some 'wanilla' and keep on mixing and mixing.
4. When the mixing is finished put it on top of the pineapple and cherry and put it in the oven. It's very hot!
5. We can't open it straight from the oven so you've got to wait. When Mummy says it's ok, flip it onto a plate and eat it!


  1. Best recipe EVER!
    Can't wait to try it Elliot!

  2. Oh yum yum! I know another little boy who would love this! So old fashioned and such a yummy fun thing to make. I remember from my own childhood!

  3. Oh Yum! Looks like they are loving it!! Also love your vege patch list in the side bar!