Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Believe Everything You See

After a discussion with some friends about body/self image and the media's role in how we view ourselves we got onto the subject of photoshop. I have absolutely no photoshop experience so when one girl offered to 'do' some of us I jumped at the chance!!! I emailed away a pic of myself and she 'fixed' the image, getting rid of blemishes etc etc.

So here is the original:

And here is the photoshopped version.

Still looks like me (minus freckles, wrinkles and red spot under my eye), she worked on the lighting, teeth, eyes and a few other bits and pieces. I like that it's not too dramatic, but it really made me think. If this can be done so easily and seamlessly, how much 'fixing' is done to the images we are bombarded with daily?

It's no wonder women and younger and younger girls feel the need to buy the latest moisturiser, cream, cleanser or pill when they are comparing themselves to unrealistic and unobtainable images.

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