Monday, May 30, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

We're staying at my parent's this week, awaiting the arrival of babe #3 next Monday. It was great to meal plan with 6 people instead of 4, although the boys did still pick their usuals of 'sausages' and 'eggs and toast'! It's great to be able to share the cooking too. I still try and cook as much as I can, just because Mum insists on doing all our washing while we're here! What a woman!

So this week looks like this:

BBQ with sausages, tamarind and lime chicken pieces, salad, creamy potato bake, salad and garlic bread

Beef Burgandy with horseradish dumplings and steamed veg

Mum's birthday dinner of Chinese takeaway and chocolate mudcake for dessert

Pasta prima vera

Boys: eggs and toast
Adults: Chilli con carne

Potato and leek soup

Happy menu planning!

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