Friday, October 1, 2010

My Creative Space (a day late!)

I've been living in a bit of a 'what day is it' bubble the past week or so. I've been about a day behind the rest of the world. I swore Tuesday was Monday, I forgot Book Club on Wednesday night and even thought to myself that evening 'book club tomorrow night', and I completely forgot about My Creative Space Thursdays.

So this post is a bit of catch up for yesterday, not that anything exciting has been happening, creativity-wise. Just keeping on going with the cardigan. I'm really getting there, the end is in sight! I've now done the back, both fronts and one sleeve. The other sleeve is very close to being finished and then its just making it up and knitting the bands ie all the tedious bits. I have made one (kind of big) mistake that I'll have to unpick, but it should only be a few rows (all going to plan, fingers crossed!).

Oh, by the way, do any other knitters end up with bits of paper or notes all over their patterns that look like this? This one is exceptionally neat for me, it is usuall scribbled all over the pattern but that can get confusing the next time you want to use the pattern!

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  1. You sound like your knitting is coming along nicely and will be ready in time for the baptism. I've never tackled knitting anything complicated, just dishcloths but when I crochet I always have a piece of paper like yours to keep a track of what I'm doing. I hope you enjoy your weekend. xo

  2. What day is it? I have absolutely no idea most of the time at the moment ;-)

    I discovered a row counter app for my iPhone which has eliminated the need for all those hieroglyphics scattered about the place! Very helpful, and it makes a rather satisfying click every time you add a row :-)