Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Creative Space

With Archie's Baptism coming up on Saturday my creativity this week has consisted of menu planning, table decorations, place settings, Archie's outfit (drama upon drama upon drama) and the on-going project of the cardi. Luckily my Mum is sorting out most of the decorating side of things while I've started cooking up a storm! On the cardi front there is just the seaming up to do and sewing on the buttons. A late night last night saw all the bands knitted up so today and tonight will be the sewing up, my least favourite part of a project! Hopefully the boys will cooperate and play independently so I can just sit on the verandah and sew away!

So my apologies, another boring creative space here. Hopefully there'll be something more exciting next week and there will definitely be more exciting things here!


  1. I hope that the cardi got finished in time for today and that all the work that you've been doing made for a great day. Happy weekend to you Vic. xo

  2. Your creative time was well spent Vicki! It was all absolutely beautiful (and delicious)!