Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cut Off

Well our town is now affected by the floods devastating so much of our state. Yesterday morning the main bridge into town went under, later in the afternoon a smaller bridge went under and the water level is continuing to rise. They are estimating it to peak sometime today.

Our place is unaffected by flood waters, but we have friends who's houses are flood prone and we're hoping and praying they're ok. One family in particular are isolated between the river and flood water so they haven't been able to get out since about lunchtime yesterday.

Let's just hope that it peaks where they are predicting and there will be little damage to property. Let's also hope that the rain eases for a while!


  1. Praying real hard for the same Mrs Vic! Hope you all keep your feet dry. I'm yet to see any of the water. Maybe today I'll be able to take RJ out for a little look.

  2. I was thinking about you when I heard the news that the river had flooded. I hope you are not cut off for too long. We might get cut off again if it keeps raining, although as we are on a mountain it is not as dramatic for us. We don't even see the water, just no one can get up or down the hill!

    PS I am adding you to my blogroll and following.
    x Jen