Friday, January 7, 2011

The Summer of Water

This summer will be remembered as the summer of water.

For our little family, for positive reasons, our tanks are overflowing and have been for months, the boys have been able to play with water unchecked by a Mum who is a self-confessed water miser.

The overflow from our tanks. We've got our very own water feature!

As I type this the rain has been beating down steadily for yet another day and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. The boys have been loving playing in the rain and puddles and having deep, deep baths every night. It is raining so much at the moment that it doesn't matter how much water we use, we can't keep up! It is completely out of character for me to be so reckless with water use, but being on tank water only and seeing all our precious water spill out of the tank overflow and down into the bush has made me relax a little. I still think about it every time I turn on the tap, but then I have a little converstation in my head about how it's raining outside and the tanks are full, so it's ok to press the full flush button for just a wee! :)

How much fun is riding bikes in the rain?

For many thousands around our state though, this summer will not be remembered with fond memories. Many towns are battling with rising flood waters, with homes inundated, with businesses destroyed. This summer will be remembered with tears and heartache. We are pretty safe from flooding here, but the town we live near is very prone to flooding and the bridge into it was closed as a precaution just after Christmas.

Please keep all those affected by the floods in your thoughts and prayers. There has been so much heartache already and the rain continues to fall.


  1. Yep... It's all go here with water play too. I have the baby pool under the tank over flow pipe. Don't even need it for watering gardens. I don't even freak when little messyfish throws heaps of sand in it and mixes it all up!

  2. ditto on your water feature :D your boys look like they're having loads of fun. The rain is getting me a little on edge. The River rose 8 meters overnight and Mat's down there helping clear out the rowing shed - everything is floating! Enjoy being able to use the water Vic and the deep baths too 'cause as you know we're a land 'of droughts and flooding rains' :)