Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Natural Learning

Elliot reached a massive milestone at the end of last week, he wrote his name for the first time ever! And it is legible! He wrote it completely from memory. See what you think!

I'm really not a big pusher when it comes to the boys' "education" for want of a better word. Being a teacher I've seen many kids being pushed into doing things before they're ready and it just ends in disaster. Better to just let them embrace each new thing when they're interested and go from there. We are very lucky that Elliot just seems to have a real interest in numbers and letters (numbers in particular) and he has a great memory. He loves jigsaw puzzles and things that have method and order. Anything sporty on the other hand, good luck! :)

So after he wrote his name he then went on to write Archie, Daddy, Matt and all the numbers from 1 to 20. I wrote them and then he copied them. He did want to write Mummy and Vicki too but I could see he was getting to his limit so suggested he go and have a play and come back in a few minutes. So in typical Elliot style he went and read some books!

I am so proud of him. I know he'll do brilliantly at Kindy next year but I am going to miss him. :(

Edit: Thanks to Helen who reminded me that El actually goes to kindy this year. In two weeks! Argh!!! But that is a whole post of it's own :(


  1. This is beautiful Vicki! I love his writing, it is so sweet. You're absolutely right about the pushing and not being ready and the backlash - that's Kookaburra's story and often wonder what he would be like if we'd known more, listened to the kindergarten and preschool less, definitely didn't compare and feel the pressure of him getting 'behind' and had let him be. Your boys are so blessed to have you.

  2. That is gorgeous. Miss T also writes her name and thinks she is the bees knees. She is like Elliot...right into books and counting and numbers and really wants to read.

    You should be so proud of your gorgeous boys Vic. xx

    PS. Sending you lots of love and thoughts during the floods. if you know of anyone who needs things like clothes or blankets. let me know.

  3. Oops, yep Helen, Kindy this year!

  4. Ah - precious indeed! I have really loved watching my daughter develop with writing letters and adding up numbers - all on her own mind you. I'd never push her. She also prefers books to balls! And is starting Kindergarten this year. So exciting, and a little daunting!

    I love your blog Vic, and happy to hear you have Plymouth Rocks. Ours are bantom versions as we live on a fairly small block. I love them - so pretty and actually they haven't wrecked the garden (which I was expecting). Their eggs are a bit smaller than usual eggs, but not a lot. And actually ours go broody quite often - I wonder if this is a characteristic of the breed?

    Anyway, time for me to go to bed. Looking forward to browsing more of your blog next time! Love the meal planning - I REALLY need to be more disciplined in that area - deciding what's for dinner is such a time waster around here.

  5. Love this! So amazing when a little one achieves something new. I took a photo of my toddlers first wee in the potty today... Weird!?