Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musical Dinners

As I'm sure many of you know I love Menu Planning! I love planning our meals, lunches, any extra things to make in the kitchen. I love making lists. I love paging through my many cookbooks hunting for ideas and inspiration. I even love grocery shopping!

Sometimes though, I chuck it all in and think 'stuff it, I can't be bothered tonight!' and tonight was one of those nights. I had planned to make chicken schnitzels, the whole box and dice. Walking to the butcher to buy chicken. Pounding chicken. Making bread crumbs. Crumbing chicken. You know the drill: flour, egg, crumbs. Repeat.

Today was the first day since Mum and Dad had gone home so we all felt that their presence was missing. El was a little off, Archie was tired and clingy. We went to music, which both the boys love and the plan was to go for a walk to buy the chicken after Archie had a sleep. Well, he slept for almost two hours (unheard of for him!) and then I was on the phone to a lovely friend for three quarters of an hour (she had a car accident this morning, luckily both her and her gorgeous son are ok, but the car isn't!). We were going to have a play at a friend's house at 3, so the trip to the butcher just wasn't going to fit in around everything today. Not to mention actually making everything with two boys worn out from playing with some little friends all afternoon!

Luckily I keep a stock of meals in the freezer for such days as today! Whenever I make a pasta sauce, casserole, curry, soup or anything that will freeze I always make a double or triple batch and keep it in meal size portions in the freezer. All that needs to be done then is pop some veg on, or boil up some rice or pasta. It is so easy and just as yummy as a slaved-over dinner! It also goes without saying that it is far cheaper, yummier and healthier than take-away too!

So tonight we had pasta bolognese from the freezer. Matt had to stop and buy pasta (it's on the list to make tomorrow). But speaking of tomorrow, Matt just remembered that he has to go down to Brisbane for the day (a 3.5hr drive each way) so he'll be leaving really early and home really late. I'll probably give the boys something easy for dinner and then Matt and I can have something special once he's home and settled and the boys are asleep. We'll probably have the laksa I had planned for this coming weekend.

So this week we're playing Musical Dinners.


  1. Vicki, I totally need to take a leaf out of your book and start the double batching thing. I go in waves... and right now on the down side of the wave. No meals in the freezer, and several days lately where dinner simply isn't getting done. Too many late rehearsals!! :( Still, you have inspired me. I need to get organised again. And start making bigger batches. And stop letting Stu take leftovers for lunch! He just loves leftovers... ;) xo

  2. It's always so good to have the freezer stocked. mine is bare bones right now but I am hoping to fill it up before my new arrival. Hope you get back into the rhythm soon! xo m.

  3. Freezer meals are such a good backup when things either go a bit pear-shaped or the day has been so chaotic that there's no chance (or energy) to cook! And I find that having plans means that I have more brain space for thinking on the spot when I haven't managed to get to the deli (like this week) or butcher or where ever. Flexibility is good!