Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Let me preface this post by letting everyone know that I'm a Libran. I'm not super into star signs, but there is one trait that is associated with Librans that just is me ... indecisiveness. I can't even go out for a meal (or even coffee, eek!) without spending an absolute age reading and rereading the menu. Just when I think I've decided something else will catch my eye and then the whole process must be gone through again. Poor Matt has been good enough to even swap with me once our meals arrive if I have a last minute change of heart (or stomach!).

So I can't even begin to explain the difficulty of the decision that is ahead of us. The enormity is weighing on me, I'm spending every spare moment trawling the internet, googling (well, Google maps), going over and over the pros and cons of each option.

We're house hunting and it's driving me crazy!

In town or out of town? (this one was actually not too difficult)
A small house we absolutely love or a bigger house we like?
How far out of town do we go? Will people still visit us if it's a 20 minute drive?
Is more than a couple of acres too much to maintain?
Will one or two acres give us the space to do everything we want?

So far we've only inspected a couple of houses. One we were certain we'd make an offer on, and now some others have come up and we're not sure.

If Archie were letting me sleep, I'd sleep on it. Instead I just think about it all night, feeding him and trying to get him to sleep. At least its not keeping me awake!!!


  1. Fellow Libran here, I feel your pain. Unfortunately the husband is just as bad, I want to punch us both sometimes because we frustrate me so much.Surprisingly enough, we take ages to find a good rental house, but can buy in a flash. Probably explains why we've bought five properties so far (even writing that makes me feel tired!) Good luck, we'll be following your footsteps soon!

    PS-within ten minutes, under 5-10 acres, need to love the house which means old and falling apart because I don't like new ones. That's my current opinion, set to change without notice. ;)

  2. I don't envy you Vicki - it's a BIG decision!!! But I'm sure you and Matt will make the right one. :) Fun times ahead!! xo

  3. Thanks guys! I'm hopeful that it won't take too long!