Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend with Family and Friends

We're back now from a wonderful long weekend away. We visited my parents for Mum's Birthday. One of the things we've really missed since we moved has been regular visits with my parents and brother. When we lived in Brisbane we saw them a couple of times a week, now it's a couple of times a month. Luckily in this age of technology we have so many ways of keeping in touch (Elliot's favourite is Skype) but none are the same as a good old fashioned face to face chat and hug.

We also spent a lovely morning with our old neighbours. We all have children similar ages and it's just like spending time with family! These wonderful women (and husbands and children) have been a wonderful support over the past few years, their daily friendship and chats is something I miss immensely. We all lived within a few houses and supported each other through the best and worst of times. It was so lovely to spend a few hours with them, sitting around the kitchen eating and drinking and listening to the children playing. Just like old times!

We are also blessed this week because my Mum came up home with us to spend the week! We didn't tell Elliot before hand and when I climbed in between the car seats in the back he was very excited to have me sitting next to him. He was even more excited to see Nanna get in the front! It was a wonderful moment when he woke up to see Nanna sitting next to him (we swapped places with about an hour to go, Archie was being a bit painful and just wanted me. He loved having Nanna sit next to him too!) Elliot looked around with his sleepy face, saw Nanna and just beamed. They have such a lovely bond, it's so special!

So this week there will be less posts. We are going to enjoy spending time with Nanna, showing her around the place a bit more and taking her on all our usual outings. We're also going to spend a lot more time house-hunting. We've found one we absolutely love so will take Mum out to see that for a second opinion.

Wishing you all a week full of love and blessings.

Vic xx


  1. How special!! :) I'm so happy you've got your Mum for a whole week. I know how much I miss mine, and she was meant to be here for E's birthday this week but hasn't been able to make it. :( Enjoy your time together, and maybe I'll get to meet her too!! :) Glad you had a great weekend. xoxo

  2. Good luck with the house hunting Vic. How exciting.