Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Creative Space

I finally got the sewing machine out again and made Elliot some sheets for kindy.

My sewing room :)

As he is such a little individual, he chose some lovely bright green fabric with white polka dots, so there'll be no confusing which sheets are his!

This was only my second attempt at sewing since getting Freida for my birthday in October so it took a while, longer than one fitted sheet and a drawstring bag should have! I've made a resolution to sew a lot more, so watch this space while I learn a new skill!

Edit: After Elliot took his sheets on Monday he came home and told me that they don't fit! When I spoke to the teacher she looked at the book and realised there was a typo with the measurements! Apparently I was the only Mum to make sheets, everyone else just bought a fitted cot sheet, so I suppose that is what I'll do now, although he'll take the bought sheet in the green spotty drawstring bag. Any suggestions on what I can do with a fitted sheet that doesn't fit anything? :)

Hopefully all the other creations today haven't been subject to the same measurement errors!


  1. Oh, nice scissors!
    I say you should recommission the fitted sheet - spotty shorts for everyone!

  2. Keep it for the cradle, although J is going to be a winter baby. Lynne

  3. What a bummer! At least the cool spotty bag can still be used. Maybe you could take apart and re use the fitted sheet fabric to make a library bag or a sun hat? It's been wild weather, hope you're safe and sound, thanks for visiting my bloggy, xo Kate

  4. what a shame about the typo - i love that fabric!! Ok, so it sounds like you've made a fitted sheet bigger than a cot and smaller than a bed - can you make a casing, thread some rope and make a toy storage sack??? Otherwise throw it over some chairs and viola you have a cubby!!!

  5. Oh no!!!! I love the colour. They should refund you the cost of the material for the typo haha!

  6. We use ours as a little tablecloth on the kids tables for tea parties. What a pain though! Guess what, same thing happened to me!! The teacher stopeed me today and said they don't fit and just to buy a oct sheet set. Except I sewed two sets, pretty annoying.

  7. Thanks everyone, some great ideas for repurposing the sheet! I'm sure I'll find a good use for the material!
    Helen, I do love those scissors! Thank you!
    Bec, oh no! I thought one was bad enough!
    Vic xx

  8. Oh no that's a shame when you went to so much trouble Vic. He still has that super bag to use still, great fabric choice too. xo

  9. Bummer! I would make pj pants... That way the material is still used for sleeping !