Wednesday, February 16, 2011

24 + 4

Enjoy some more Wordless Wednesdays here.


  1. oh so beautiful :) I hope you're well and bundle is growing awesomely but being considerate of his Mumma - someone told me recently of their Nana having fifteen and sixteen pound babes way back when. Not possible, right?

    I really loved your baby wearing post too, especially the pic wearing both your babies. You're such a beautifully nurturing Mumma and it's heart warming to see :D, JM:)

  2. Little J is coming along nicely. :) You're looking really well but it would have been nice to see you face. The view through the slats is good too. :)
    love to all, Lynne

  3. You are looking so beautiful Vic. I cannot WAIT to cuddle your little man! Keep taking good care of yourself. :) xxx

  4. What a beautiful photo! Hope you are doing well. I remember this as a wonderful time in my life!