Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Downside to Homemade

One of the downsides that I've found to not buying lots of packaged and processed food is the lack of reuseable containers.

Someone (read: a boy) has misplaced the container of paddle pop sticks that I use to label seeds when I plant them. Turning the house upside down I could not find anything suitable as a substitute, all I could think of was an ice cream container cut up, but since we've been making our own ice cream for over a year, all our old containers have been used and reused (and reused again) long ago.

Then when having breaky the other day it hit me ... a yoghurt container! I still haven't got the knack of making my own yoghurt without an Easy-yo packet (any tips welcome!) so we just buy a 1kg tub of natural yoghurt every week. As it was Elliot had already decided that that particular container was going to be used as the 'egg collection container' once the chickens start laying. It took some convincing that they wouldn't actually be laying for a few more weeks so I'm sure we'll have another container by then.

Does anyone have any tips? What do you do when you need to a certain something and have nothing to hand? If like me you make a lot of your own food from scratch, how do you do it?

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