Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Creative Space

Here is the post I promised last week, a gift for a friend of ours who has just turned 6!!! It has now been received and used so I can put some pics up. I made Mia an apron, which is the most difficult (yet it wasn't really that difficult) thing I've sewn. Yep, I'm still very much a beginner!
A fancy wee apron with two pockets and personalised with a name panel that was my Mum's idea. Thanks Lynnie!
 I didn't use a pattern, I just used an apron of Elliot's as a guide and made it bigger.

I got very adventurous, I top stitched in contrasting pink! 
I also added a clip to make the neck strap adjustable.

 I lined the back (recognise the fabric?) so I suppose it could be double sided, 
but the pretty side is much prettier!
For more creative goodness head over to Kootoyoo!


  1. You've done a great job- and that extra attention to detail with the name- very impressive. I love the pink and green.

  2. I love it!! Is the name done in ribbon? It is very pretty!

  3. You clever clever girl. :) I would do dreadfully with something this complex! Well done!! xx

  4. you are good to wait for present receival - i simply can't! I am too impatient, and thisweek at least I know the recipient isn't looking...

  5. I love all of it, the colours and the contrasting lettering, her name so she can keep it for ever. It's all just wonderful and will inspire many happy cooking days with her mum. Good job, Lynne.