Monday, February 28, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Thanks to everyone who played along last Monday, there were some great ideas for family dinners!

Don't forget to link up if you're meal planning this week, I've extended the amount of time the link is open for, I'm still trying to get used to the new technology! :)

Our plan this week looks like this:

Random Recipe - Pot-roast Meatloaf (Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food p161) with mashed sweet potato and steamed veg

Butter chicken (slow cooker) with brown rice and steamed veg

Pasta Prima Vera

Pork sausages, mashed potato and steamed veg

Felafel with flat bread, salad and yoghurt sauce

Veg and noodle stir fry with boiled eggs

Some sort of roast, maybe chicken or beef

wholemeal bread
mini cheese muffins for the freezer for morning teas
zucchini slice for the freezer for lunches
muesli (this has been on my list to make for about a month and I must do it this week!)


  1. Mmm, think I might pop by on Tuesday for the Butter Chicken Vic!

  2. Linking up for the first time. Thanks for the encouragement to make a meal plan - I needed it!
    Your falafel sounds good - do you have the recipe? I've never made it myself.

  3. Just saying hi and am so happy I found your blog, yours is the first I have ever signed up to follow you should be proud! I have started my meal planning too, its so much geeky fun :) keep up the good work, Bron.

  4. Oh I forgot again! Writing myself a note! There is an option on the linky to have just the blog name or title the person types in - it looks a bit neater :-)

  5. Thanks for linking up guys!
    Yes, next week I'll fix up the neatness, what a learning process this is! xx