Friday, February 11, 2011

Passionfruit Ice Cream

It's an exciting time in our house when the passionfruit lady is back at the markets! Hurrah! Unfortunately do to all the rain and flooding the only crop they've got at the moment is passionfruit, she told me last week that they lost over 15 acres of tomatoes and cucumbers in the recent flooding and three lots of earlier crops over the past 6 or so months.

This is why I love going to the farmers markets. I get to talk to and get to know the people who are producing our food. They know the boys, give them a free bit of this or that every now and then. Yes, we could get all our fruit and veg from the grocery but then we'd be giving our money to big corporations and the farmers that supplied them would be getting a pittance for all their hard work. I know that when we give the passionfruit lady $2.50 for a bag of passionfruit that all of that $2.50 is going to her, her hard working husband and their children that help them on the farm.

I now have two helpers in the kitchen!

These passionfruit were the first of their harvest and oh so delicious. We decided to add to that deliciousness by making passionfruit ice cream! It's just our basic ice cream recipe with the pulp from a few passionfruit stirred through and the vanilla omitted. I can't remember how many passionfruit and even if I could it wouldn't be accurate because it was a case of 'one spoon for the ice cream, one spoon for the boy helping'!

Don't you just love chubby toddler hands?

Our Basic Ice Cream Recipe
Makes 2 litres

1 cup white sugar
1.5 cups milk
3 cups cream
2tbls vanilla essence

Whisk together the sugar and milk to dissolve the milk.
Whisk in the cream and vanilla until combine.
Churn in the ice cream machine for about 30 minutes or frozen like soft serve. 
Transfer to a 2L container and freeze.
Lick the paddle and scoop out the super frozen remnants with a plastic spatula!


  1. Yum Vic! I've got to try harder to get to those markets. Maybe if we're earlier and regular we may be lucky enough to build a similar repore with the market stall holders which would be fantastic :) Loving your little helpers!


  2. Especially those chubby bubby hands!! How much went into the 'pot' and how much into the 'belly'? Also give me another idea for his upcoming birthday.

    Lynne xxx

  3. Vic, now why did you have to post this. I am on a diet!!!!! How are you feeling sweety?

  4. My mouth is watering...

  5. Jane, we now have El's swimming at 9 on Thursdays so we got to the markets about 7:45-8ish this week. It was lovely and cool!
    Lynnie, if you're thinking a passionfruit vine, he'd love it! :)
    Le, I'm feeling really good, thanks! Big though, much bigger than with either of the boys' pregnancies! I'll have to put up a pic!
    Lu, you could do a soy/dairy-free version with Thea! She'd love it!

  6. Oh I'm loving this....
    I just bought some awesome local passionfruit and am making up some natural yoghurt right now, so I can have passionfruit yoghurt with my freshly made hippy granola, tomorrow morning. Or maybe tonight for supper Mmmmm.
    xo Jen

  7. You're so crunchy Jen! :) xx

  8. Fantastic. Another activity to do with my grandchildren. Just need the icecream churner. Cheers C