Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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  1. Do you have rainy weather at the moment too? It's been drizzly here {in QLD} for a couple of days now.
    Loving that you're making the most of it though with some serious PUDDLE SPLASHING FUN! Great pic!

  2. still in his pirate Jim Jam's - very nice Vicki :) makes for happy play, boys and puddles :D

  3. My kids were doing just the same today Vicki, in their pj's and gumboots! Hasn't the rain been glorious?! xx

  4. The rain has been wonderful, though tanks are full and washing is piling up so I'm happy for it to stop for a while!
    Claire, we're in QLD too. I'm hoping for a sunny day to get some washing on the line!