Friday, September 17, 2010

Painting with Kids - the easy way!

After having a much needed home day the other day, the boys and I got to the afternoon and needed something to do. I couldn't be bothered (as terrible as it sounds) to get all the painting and craft things out for Elliot to decide 2 minutes into the activity that I had to finish it off because he'd had enough. I also couldn't be bothered getting something for Elliot to do and then having to distract Archie with something else while El worked (probably for said 2 minutes).

I decided that water painting on the verandah would keep them both occupied for a while, and boy oh boy, did it work! They both were completely engaged for at least half an hour, until Archie decided it was more fun to tip the containers out and splash in the puddles. Meh, worked for me! After that El had had enough so went off to the garden and Archie swiftly followed.

I just gave them containers of water coloured with food colouring and some sponges and brushes and off they went, painting the verandah balustrading and the walls and windows of the house.

It was such a cheap (super duper cheap), super easy, not super messy and super duper fun! Super!


  1. I used giving these for my sons too when they were younger .they used to love it.thanks for visiting me :)

  2. This and sorbolene and food colouring in the bath are my two favourite 'painting' activities.
    They look happy Vic, what more could you want :) Bec

  3. Bec does the colour come off the grout in the bathroom? This is the first bathroom we've had with tiles, I'd hate to stain the grout! xx

  4. Oh how sweet their faces look having a fun time - thank for the idea too :-)