Friday, September 10, 2010

A Surprise in the Post

Well not really for me, but Elliot. I ordered some new crayons from a brilliant online shop Spiral Garden. They have a great range of natural toys and craft supplies. I got really sick of cheaper crayons breaking and snapping, little fingers not being able to manipulate skinny crayons easily and Archie taking massive bites out of softer crayons.

Perfect for toddler sized hands!

These Stockmar block crayons are amazing! There really strong and hard (they've already survived the Archie bite test) and being little solid rectangles they are really good for creating different effects using the different sides for rubbing, corners for definition etc.

This is why we needed some heavy duty crayons!

They survived use by Archie! Excellent!

Elliot put them straight to use doing a couple of drawings to turn into thankyou letters for a lovely gift he and Archie received from a friend. We popped the letter in the post so that someone else would get a surprise from the postman.

After he dictated the letter to me Elliot stamped his name and the letter was ready to post!

And really, who doesn't love getting a surprise in the post?


  1. Yes, we too love surprises in the post! ;) And WIlliam loves his stockmar crayons as well. They're great. xx

  2. They look great! Miss E is always chomping on the crayons...might take a look at the website.

  3. I'm so glad you like them! We have had ours for years and they've survived well. I love using them too, they're not just for kids! :) Happy creating. x

  4. I'm confused Vicki (yes, I know, not new information, but this time about something specific) - you never have "crayon" on your weekly menu planner?!

  5. I LOVE parcels (another addiction lol) And those are super crayons :-)