Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space ...

... is really not very exciting this week. To be honest, I can't see it being very exciting for a while.

I've just been chip chip chipping away at the cardigan for Archie's baptism. I've got about three weeks to get it done. Now, I'm one that normally works best under pressure but I'm starting to get nervous. I've completed the back and left front and I'm halfway through the right front.

So, only 1/2 a front side, two sleeves, front and neck bands,two buttons and all the seaming up to do. In three weeks. Yep, not much pressure!

For some less-stressed creative spaces visit Kootoyoo!

Edit: I just remembered that Kirsty is on hols, lucky thing! I hope you head over and have a wander through her space anyway!

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