Friday, September 24, 2010

Pet Sitting!

We're pet sitting for a week! Yay! Friends have gone on holidays so we're looking after their two rats!

I'm a bit iffy on rodents as pets in theory, but in reality they're really really cute. They are very affectionate and friendly, one in particular loves cuddles and being with people. Matt has always wanted to get rats too. They've only been here one night and he's already informed me on how intelligent they are, that they can be trained etc etc. We did have a couple of mice for a while, back in those uni-student, flat-sharing days, but they met an unfortunate end that was quite a mystery until our flat-mate at the time found a cat in our unit in the middle of the night! We're still not sure if they were eaten or just ran away after the cat had tipped their cage over. Either way, that was the last of our rodent keeping until now!

Anyway, Pink and Britney (yes, they are their names!) are with us now for the week and I hope we'll do a good job looking after them and keeping them safe until their family returns.


  1. For goodness sake Vicki, keep the cage closed!! They'll be all over the house in no time!! :) Lynnie

  2. I had a pet named named Tassie when I was in high school- he was black and white. Great pets, though I don't think Mum ever liked him!! :D

  3. Oh have fun pet sitting. I love the names by the way:)

  4. I had a mouse when B was younger and it only encouraged other mice to come into my house! Eek. Very awesome pets rats make though, they are indeed intelligent. :) Enjoy pet sitting.