Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm so happy to report that our first Craft Circle went really well! We had two knitters, two sewers, a knitter that became a sewer after she saw the amazing things being created and one lady who sat nursing her sleeping baby because he wouldn't let her leave the house without him. I was so pleased she even came, when Archie was at that stage (he's only just grown out of it mind you) I was too scared to leave the house! It was a lovely night, we chatted craft, sewing, knitting, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting, schooling, husbands, the election. You know, all those things women talk about when they're together, uninterrupted by children! We're still working out the details on where and how often we'll get together, but I'm pretty sure some people are coming round to mine tonight.

I've finished these slippers and have started work on the next pair, a gift for a friend's birthday next week. In my true style, I've left it until the last minute and am having to adjust the pattern because the pattern is sized US 7-9 and they're pretty big. I hope now this pair won't be too small! If they are I'll have to dash off to Lincraft and buy another two lots of needles to make an in-between pair.

Elliot too has been creating! Taking a page from his Mum's book he's been "knitting" something for Daddy. Even though his "knitting" is more like putting-the-needles-into-some-wool-and-moving-them-around-a-bit-ing the sentiment is there and that is the main thing. He's been asking me on and off over the past week or so to teach him to knit but I'm just not sure he's got the fine motor skills, I mean, he's three! Maybe we could work on a project together.
 All his supplies packed into the boot of his car, ready to go around to his 'home' on the verandah and get knitting.

Sitting at his 'home' on the verandah deep in concentration. Archie and the car are in the garage.

Any suggestions for a three year old interested in knitting?

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  1. My toes are a little cold. If only it were my birthday next week...Oh! It is!

  2. Someone told me crochet is much easier for them?? Not sure. Bec

  3. hmm, helen, do you have small feet too? maybe I'll have time to make you a pair too. ;)

    Not sure about crochet bec, I can't even understand it!

  4. Getting a creative group together sounds like a wonderful idea. Will have to give that some serious thought. Would love to learn off some of my very crafty friends.

  5. I remember the 'french knitting' - not sure how old I was but it did involve a very sharp thing...

    He looks so cute - my son also 'knits' (great way for him to stop pulling the stitches off mine sticks!)

    Thanks for your cute post

  6. Harry is doing spool knitting which is very easy so El could try that. Harry can show him tmrw if he wants!

  7. We did have fun last week, didn't we?! :D Wish I could come tonight. Can't wait till I'm better.

    You could teach El to finger knit - or Saraya could. I've known 4 year olds who have learnt, though he is only 3... still, it's worth a go! xxxx

  8. Finger knitting is always an option, as is a home-made french knitting thing using a toilet roll and paddle-pop sticks. A smallish crochet hook is an option for getting the loops over the top of the paddle-pop sticks. It will result in a fairly coarse tube of knitting, but it could be stuffed and turned into all sorts of things like snakes, lizards, tails...